Top 10 ways to be comfortable and not loose your spending money!

The West Texas heat brings on the fear of expensive energy bills and the dreaded hole in the ole pocket book.  Here are ten ways that you can save money and energy all while beating the summer heat.

10.Reduce Pool Filtration Times- you can slowly bring down your pool filtration times by 30 minuets a day and keep a watch on the water clarity you may find that you were over filtering your pool wasting energy.

9. Remove Extra Freezers or Appliances from Use- If you can eliminate that old fridge in the garage you can save your self a bundle of money. You might even think about recycling it for a energy efficient incentive.

8. Laundry- Wash clothes in cold water, and clean your dryer lent filter after every use. You might also check your dryer vent to make sure it is free of debris.

7. Run Ceiling Fans- Ceiling fans are made to circulate air in two different directions check your owners manual and make sure yours is circulating the cool air in the correct direction for maximum cooling effect.

6. Keep Blinds and Windows Closed During the Day and Open At Night- This is an absolutely free way to help manage heat penetration during the day and keeps cool air flowing at night.

5. Run Dryer and Dishwasher at Night- If its hot out let your dishes or clothes air dry, if you must use an appliance to wash and dry them try running them after 8pm.

4. Clean or Replace Air Filters- The harder your system has to pull air thru the filter the higher your bill goes. Replace your air filter or clean them every three to four weeks.

3. Automatic Programing- Set your program features on the air conditioner to a higher temperature while you are not at home (76 or 78 degrees F). Have the program gradually decrease the temperature from that point over a extended time period.

2.Turn you Water Heater down- Turn your water heater temperature down to about 120 degrees F this will help you save some money but still give you hot water.

1. Replace Incandescent Lighting- These bulbs generate heat and can raise room temperatures as well as waste energy. Replace them with a new Energy Star Compact Florescent light.


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