It’s always a good time when William Clark Green stops by Radio Texas, LIVE! Last week the Flint native not only stopped by the big show, he put on a killer concert Wednesday at Electric Cowboy and in our studio for some special listeners on The KNUE Front Porch. If you haven’t got on the WCG train, Choo! Choo! All aboard — you’re fixing to.

Will was named this year’s TRRMA New Male Vocalist of the Year, but it’s been a long road. Like most musicians he didn’t start out playing the big clubs and venues. Will described for us, the first regular gig he ever had, out in Lubbock.

[It was] this real dark, dingy hotel bar. [But] it turned out being this great place to drink underage, and it so it ended up being a fun gig and for three years we did it every week.

I joke with Will about shortening his name, only because I’ve messed it up on-air a time or two — it’s just not the easiest name to say, (you try saying it five time fast.) But it turns out, I’m not the only one to say this. Will’s latest single “Catch Me When I Fall” features his buddy Josh Abbott, and Will told us the name shortening is something Josh had actually suggested early on.

“It’s a little too late, I’m three records in man!” He joked, “Josh has always said if you just listen to me you’d be so much more successful.”

So don’t expect to see any name changes anytime soon. Besides being three albums in, Will made a conscience decision at the beginning to use all three of his names, and no matter how much trouble I have saying it, it’s definitely working.

“Misunderstood,” Will’s latest album is out now, and the third single off it, “Catch Me When I Fall” is climbing up the Texas charts as we speak. Be sure stay up to date with everything William Clark Green on Facebook and Twitter.

Wanna hear our entire conversation and the new single? Press play.

Alright boys and girls, how about an RTX-Extra! Check out this exclusive, acoustic version of a brand new song (and my new favorite) called “Dead or in Jail.”