Every person I know at some point and time has said "I hate Facebook" so here is your chance to tell me why you hate it.

Here are my top 5 reasons I hate Facebook:

5. The Ever Changing Relationship Status- Somewhere in your friends list you have that friend that constantly changes his or her relationship status. Its annoying, make up your mind people.

4. It Must Be True- If someone reads it on Facebook it has to be true right? NO!! If you have lost the ability to tell what is true and what is false because someone put it on Facebook you deserve to think dumb false statements are true!

3. My Calendar Requests- Folks when you signed up for Facebook you put your birthday in Facebook already tells me when your birthday is. So why do I need a app to tell me again? I DON'T!!!

2. No DISLIKE Button- Now don't get me wrong the LIKE button is great but just think how many people would quit complaining if their status had 1 like and 206 DISLIKES. We would see a whole lot less complaining.

1. Farmville- I have NEVER played this dumb game nor will I ever play it. I grew up in a farming and ranching community where we drove tractors to school and went cow tipping for fun. I don't need to click the corn rows to water the crops so STOP SENDING ME REQUEST FOR FARMVILLE!!

Tell us why you hate Facebook in the comment section below and we might feature your response on air on Tuesday morning!