Teens send and receive an average of 60 texts per day? Did you realize that? That's probably what I send in a week.

Call me old fashioned, but if I want to have a conversation with you, I'll just call.

It's gotten to the point where most people don't bother to spell out words any more. It's easier and more convenient to abbreviate. Sure, we've all done it -- LOL, TTYL, OMG, and LMFAO are all pretty recognizable. Even B4, 2morrow, and BRB are pretty easy to figure out (laugh out loud, talk to you later, oh my God, laughing my fat a** off, before, tomorrow, and be right back). I remember these from the MySpace days. And, by now, everyone one should now what 420 stands for.

But, teens are gotten increasingly clever when it comes to covering their tracks on the phone. I would have never guessed at what some of these mean. These are the most disturbing, but parents can get the full list here. 

  • GNOC -- Get Naked On Camera
  • CU46 -- See You For Sex
  • SUGARPIC -- Suggestive or Erotic Picture
  • IPN -- I'm Posting Naked
  • 8 -- Oral Sex
And the most terrifying one:
  • LMIRL -- Let's Meet In Real Life

This last one. Oh, man.

As adults we all know that there are predators out there. We know that there are some people (and I use the term loosely) that will take advantage of young kids because as mature as teenagers think they are, their are still innocent.

Teenagers haven't matured enough to realize that once something goes out into the internet, it lives forever. It's up to the parents to keep them safe from themselves. Check out the full lists of these crazy abbreviations to monitor their text messages.