With another radio single comes another music video from the Brian Burke Band.  It has the two elements that I like to see in music videos, a story line and some production.

Facebook- Brian Burke Band

Brian Burke has released a new radio single titled 'Chemitstry' which is actually the title of the current EP.  This is a great follow up to 'Close' and came with a pretty snazzy music video too.  It's a loving tune about that special someone who you just hit it off with, hence it's title.  This one takes place with a high school guy and gal who obviously like each other but the guy is trying to work up the the courage to make a move.  The video has some great production and and the story line rather than just concert video.  I noticed the video for 'Close' had a blonde as the female role and 'Chemistry' has a brunette, will there be a red head in the next video?