Aaron Watson has the number one country album this week. He topped the Billboard Country Albums Chart new album The Underdog.  The Rolling Stone reports,

As of this morning, Watson is also the kind of artist who sells 26,340 copies of his 12th album, The Underdog, during its first week of release. That's enough to place him at the top of the country charts, outpacing his closest competitor, Sam Hunt, by more than 10,000 units.

And it's not just that chart. The Underdog also landed at number 8 on the Billboard Top 200 chart for the week. If you aren't sure what exactly that means for an independent artist like Aaron Watson, the Rolling Stone helps out with,

To help put those numbers into perspective, consider this: last week's Number One country record, Blackberry Smoke's Holding all the Roses, climbed to the top without even cracking 20,000 copies.

I'd like to think that San Angelo helped one of our favorite artists make that amazing number, especially when he hung out with us at Hastings a week ago. I think half the town dropped by to say hi and buy a copy of The Underdog. 

One of the best things about Aaron is he always manages to keep a sense of humor about how things go with being a independent artist in a world full of mainstream. You can see this in his tongue-in-cheek Facebook post,