Even with all their training, doctors can't be experts at everything that ails people.That seems to be especially true about common allergies, according to a new study out of Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

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Senior researcher Dr. David Stukus says that a third of physicians and half of internists didn't know that a shot of epinephrine relieves hives and vomiting that result from eating a food allergen.

Meanwhile, just over a quarter of pediatricians were aware that milk and eggs are the most common causes of food allergies in patients under four years old.

Stukus said following the study of 400 internists and pediatricians that he wasn't too surprised about the apparent lack of knowledge many medical professionals have of allergies while nonetheless stressing that they should make an attempt to become better educated in this field.

One problem patients may encounter is that a board-certified allergist may not work in their area.  In that case, people should make themselves familiar with allergies through medical websites so they can ask their primary care doctor informed questions.