This Christmas marks the 100th anniversary of one of the most celebrated moments to ever happen during warfare.  In 1914, German and British soldiers at the front lines declared their own truce during WWI. According to,  

At the first light of dawn on Christmas Day, some German soldiers emerged from their trenches and approached the Allied lines across no-man’s-land, calling out “Merry Christmas” in their enemies’ native tongues. At first, the Allied soldiers feared it was a trick, but seeing the Germans unarmed they climbed out of their trenches and shook hands with the enemy soldiers. The men exchanged presents of cigarettes and plum puddings and sang carols and songs. There was even a documented case of soldiers from opposing sides playing a good-natured game of soccer.

British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s recreated the story in an advertisement.  All of the proceeds from the sale of the candy bar will go to the Royal British Legion.