The American and global economy might be in a slump that seems to have no end in sight, but there are some places in the good ol’ US of A that apparently didn’t get the memo.

CNN Money compiled a list of the fastest growing towns in America. They made the list by not only attracting new businesses and industries, but also by enjoying rapid population growth and increases in housing.

The results? Well, it seems like people can’t get enough of North Carolina. Charlotte and Raleigh took the top two spots, each growing more than 63 percent in the last decade.

Charlotte, NC managed to grow by becoming the “second largest financial center in the nation,” according to its chamber of commerce. Some of the financial giants that have set up their operations in Charlotte included Citi, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo.

Raleigh, meanwhile, can thank a solid tech base for its boom, not to mention the fact it’s near three big universities — Duke, University of North Carolina and North Carolina State.

Texas’ capital city, Austin, also made the list, thanks mostly to an influx of Silicon Valley tech industries, the University of Texas’ highly acclaimed engineering program and its world famous live music scene and South  By Southwest Film Festival.

One city that made the list that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone is Las Vegas. The tourist mecca may have been dealt a heavy blow by the housing bubble, but was still able to grow its population thanks to its casino and tourist attractions. It’s also tried to expand the tourist base by offering more family-friendly fare to  visitors.

the 10 fastest growing cities in the US, along with the growth each enjoyed from 2000-2010:

1. Charlotte, NC – 64.6%

2. Raleigh, NC – 63.6%

3. Cape Coral, FL – 60.8%

4. Provo, UT – 59%

5. Austin, TX – 51.1%

6. Las Vegas – 43.5%

7. McAllen, TX – 39.3%

8. Knoxville, TN – 33.1%

9. Greenville, SC – 32.5%

10. San Antonio, TX – 32.5%

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