You gotta feel sorry for Andrew Wiggins.  Sure, he was the 1st pick in this year's NBA Draft and is now a multi-millionaire at age 19, but the team that drafted him in now stringing him along.

Things got really weird when ESPN interviewed Wiggins over the weekend.  He's been the subject of trade rumors between his current team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Things were looking up when the Cavs drafted Wiggins and then it looked like he was gonna play with the best player in the world when Lebron James decided to come back to the Cavs this off-season.  But it turns out, Lebron hasn't even talked with his new teammate.  And reports are the Cavs are giving him the silent treatment too amid all the trade rumors (just a month ago, the Cavs coach told Wiggins he wouldn't be traded).  And it all got awkward in the interview when an ESPN anchor asked Wiggins who was wearing his Cavs uniform if he thinks Cleveland "wants" him.