The Texas Tech University System (TTUS) Board of Regents has approved a 1.99 percent increase in Angelo State University’s overall tuition and fees for the 2014-15 academic year.
Under the new tuition and fee schedule, students taking a course load of 15 semester credit hours (SCH) would see their tuition and fees go from $3,746.70 to $3,821.20, an increase of $74.50.  That includes just a $1 increase per SCH in designated tuition.

The remaining increase is in the fee schedule.  It includes an additional $1 per SCH for the Athletics Fee to increase athletic scholarships, a flat $25 increase in the Technology Services Fee and the addition of a new flat $25 Outdoor Facility Conservation Fee.  The Technology Services Fee increase to cover software maintenance costs and the new Outdoor Facility Conservation Fee to improve intramural fields were presented to and well received by the ASU student body during a public meeting in February.

ASU President Brian J. May said, “Angelo State University remains committed to providing an affordable and quality education.  About two-thirds of this tuition and fees increase was previously revealed to our students, who understand that the additional money generated will allow us to improve both our academic and extracurricular infrastructures at a minimal cost.”

“After not raising tuition and fees at all last year,” May added, “we were hoping to do the same this year.  But this small increase is needed if we are going to continue to provide the types of programs and facilities that students expect at a top regional university.”

TTUS regents also approved a Fixed Tuition Plan for ASU.  Students enrolling under the plan would pay a fixed tuition and fee rate for 12 continuous semesters, or four years, regardless of any future increases in ASU’s designated tuition and fees.  Students must graduate in four years to ensure the fixed rate.

Additionally, TTUS regents approved room and board rates for 2014-15.  The only increase in ASU room rates is a bump from $3,200 to $3,800 for rooms in the Concho Hall residence hall that are only available to seniors and graduate students.  Room rates in all other ASU residence halls are unchanged from 2013-14.

ASU meal plans have been totally reconfigured to be more flexible and better reflect student practices.  Rather than designating a certain number of meals per week, the new meal plans now simply designate a number of meals per semester, allowing students to spread them out as needed.  Each residential meal plan also includes an increased number of RamPoints, which can be redeemed for direct food purchases in all campus cafeterias and coffee and snack bars.