So a lot of people ask me what Tommy, Candise and myself do during a typical day at the office.  Some think we just talk on the radio and go home.  There is much more to it than that though! 

Many people think  radio personalities just come in the studio, talk, then go home. There is much more to our jobs than that.  Tommy, Candise, and I also make many of the commercials you hear on all five Townsquare Media stations.  Every Tuesday I take music calls for 2 hours.  Music calls consists of radio promoters, record labels and artist calling me asking me to play certain songs and setting up interviews, meet and greets, promotional giveaways and other things.  Every Wednesday Tommy, Candise and I meet for a music meeting where we discuss new music, upcoming events and what songs we should add or drop from the playlist.  There are also other tasks like loading the weekend shows into the system, reporting to the music charts, various meetings with clients and creating the music list heard each day on 103.1 Kickin' Country.

However we have to stay well rested prior to our shows so we can get in the zone as demontrated by Candise here.


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We also have 'team building' exercises to relieve stress, build trust and just break up part of the day with some fun.

All in all we work hard and have fun.