We’d like to tell you this product is yet another April Fool’s Day prank, because the company announced it just before April 1st. But, as it turns out — it’s real, folks.

Seattle based J & D Foods are makers of a whole array of bacon-themed products. But when you make everything from bacon salt to bacon-flavored lip balms, what’s left to offer your loyal bacon-loving customer after you have fed them so much fat? A bacon coffin of course.

A visit to the website lets you actually order the bacon coffin. We didn’t go through with the checkout, simply because the coffin costs a whopping (and real) $2,999 (plus shipping). And as much as we love our readers (and bacon), we can’t afford to spend that much money to see if this a real product to rest our greased souls in when we die.

The makers say the coffins are actually from Costco, which are then painted a smoky red color that for “Premium Bacon” look. Other modifications include a bacon air freshener for “when you get that buried-underground, not-so-fresh feeling.” Great April Fool’s Day prank or just plain clever marketing? We’d like to think it’s a bit of both.

If you love bacon, and have the dough — may you rest in grease.