You know that Taco Bell commercial showing the guy catching a foul baseball with his left hand while eating a nacho-filled taco with his right? The motto is, “if you can eat your nachos with one hand, you can be a hero with the other.” Well, this motto works a little bit better with a bucket of popcorn.

Though one generally associates it with a trip to the movie theater, you probably didn’t know that a tub filled with this tasty snack can act as a stand-in for a glove when sitting in the baseball stands and a foul ball comes your way. See what we mean below.

Try doing that with something from Taco Bell.

This quick-handed youngster has joined a long list of fans who’ve made impressive grabs in the stands. Does he eat the remaining popcorn after it’s been infused with leather? Why not? It probably tastes like victory.