It's hot! We are going to literally be in the 100's  all week.  Read on for tips to stay cool and save energy.

With this whole week being in the 100's we should all take some steps to ensure we stay cool and out of the heat. As well as taking care of ourselves, I know we would all like to save on energy as well.

Let's start with us. Here are some tips to stay cool when having to be outside:

1) Stay inside if possible
2) Wear loose fitting clothing in a light color
3) Always keep cool water with you
4) Avoid long exposures to the heat
5) Take cool showers frequently during the day
6) Avoid alcohol and caffeine in the heat
7) Eat lighter meals. (salads, fruit)
8) Try to be less active in the heat

In addition to all these great tips, make sure if you are outside you are wearing sunscreen!

Here are some tips to conserve energy in your home:
1) Check AC units to ensure proper use
2) Try to use less indoor cooking methods. If possible use microwave, outside grill, etc
3) Make sure all blinds and curtains are closed to keep heat out
4) Use ceiling fans
5) Keep thermostat on same temperature so your AC doesn't have to work as hard.
6) Make sure you change your AC filter once a month
7) Make sure windows and doors in your home are not letting heat in


With summer being so hot in West Texas, we have the scare of rolling blackouts. If you recall, last summer was rough with the blackouts. The blackouts were due to so many residents using a lot of energy at once. There are already blackout scares currently in Tom Green County. Make sure you follow some of these tips so we can avoid future blackouts.

Check out this WEBSITE, it's up-to-date on summer and winter energy saving tips.