If you missed last night at Blaine's Pub you missed out on quite the night.  We closed out the 2nd Annual Blaine's Pub Beat The Heat Bikini Contest with a bang and live Texas Music.

We rounded out the last night of the bikini contest last night and also had Mr. Aaron Einhouse live in concert at Blaine's Pub.  If you missed the show you missed out majorly.  There were three final contestants, Belinda Strange, Brooke Jackson and Kara Walker.  The ladies strutted their stuff across the Blaine's stage in hopes of winning the $1,000 grand prize.  It was some pretty stiff competition but the judges final call was 1st place Belinda Strange, 2nd place Brooke Jackson and 3rd place Kara Walker.  Don't worry, 2nd and 3rd place didn't leave empty handed.  Brooke took home $250 and Kara received a free tan from Mystic Tan.  Shortly after the bikini contest Aaron Einhouse hopped on the Blaine's stage and rocked out for the rest of the night.  He played all his tunes and threw a few covers in there as well.  All in all it was a great night full of beautiful women, cold beer and great live Texas music.  Now that the bikini contest has concluded every Thursday in the month of August will be a Battle of The Bands benefiting the Curing Cancer Music Fest, don't miss out on that.  As for this weekend, tonight it Buckshot Bradley on the Blaine's stage and tomorrow night Nick Verzosa so come out and support live Texas/Red Dirt music at Blaine's Pub this weekend.  A special thank you to Ashley Wilson Photography, Electric Beach Tan, McKillop Law Offices and of course Blaine's Pub.

Aaron Einhouse - Good To Be Home