I don't think I've shared this story with very many people in the Concho Valley but now it's time.  Check out the worst April Fool's Day joke ever pulled on me.

Flickr- tmib_seattle

With April 1st fast approaching it's time to think about how people can prank you and the other way around.  I've had a pretty legit prank pulled on me and now it's time to share and I hope you find humor in it, I didn't at the time.  Six years ago I made the trip to Chili Fest in Snook, TX however all my friends lived in College Station so I crashed at my friends' apartment.  Two of my high school friends, Nick and Justin, were rooming with one of my oldest friends from Arkansas, Cameron, so I figured we'd have a great time.  There were quite a few of us that drove from Fort Worth for the event, this story takes place on Sunday when we are all just hanging out at the pool and some getting ready to go home.  First off at the time I drove a hunk of junk 95 Z71 and the window motor on the driver was going out and work when it wanted to.  It was parked in the parking lot and the window was stuck down at the time.  I was getting close to going back to Fort Worth when my friends asked me to go buy more beer for them since they'd all been drinking for a while.  Nick wanted to go with me so I said why not and we headed to my truck.  I forgot my keys at the pool and went back to get them meanwhile Nick was waiting at my truck.  When I got to my truck I hit unlock, Nick jumped in and I opened my door to a sight that didn't make sense.  WHO TAKES SOMEONE'S DRIVER SEAT?!  Yea, my driver seat was completely gone.  Whoever did it went through some trouble because it was an electric seat with lumbar and cars on both sides of my truck.  The odd part was my cd player, amp and subs were still sitting right there.  I was mad and said some colorful words while walking back to the pool. I told all my friends to get out of the pool and we are searching for my driver seat.  I was rantin' and ravin' about who does this when my friend Lance cut me off and said 'Hey Ben, did you get the beer?'  Did I get the beer?!  I was already mad so I started going off about who would I drive to the store and so on when Lance said 'Hey Ben, what's today?'  I then with a few choice words said it was Sunday, the day I have to drive home because I have to work at 9am.  He had a simple response 'It's April Fool's Day.'  I just stood there and realized I had been pranked and pranked good.  While we were at the pool Cameron went back to his apartment to 'take a nap.'  One thing about Cameron is his dad raced Ford Mustangs and he knows a lot about cars and was also an engineering major so somehow he disconnect the seat and wiggled it through my window.  Bravo Cameron, bravo.  Nick didn't know anything about it and actually when he got in my truck he didn't even notice my driver seat was missing.  This is a story I'll never live down and is still talked about regularly.  While I love my friends to death and all there were involved are so close they're damn near family but this day I hated them all.  What was the best prank that's ever been pulled on you or the other way around?

Ben Ryan