It’s hot outside and it’s time to start remembering how to stay hydrated during the summer.

With the onset of hot temperatures and working or playing in the summer heat, the pesky dehydration monster comes crawling out and jumping on its victims. So this raises the question: How do I stay hydrated?

Well the number one answer to this question is drink WATER. Its the age old time tested product of nature that has no replacement and nothing seems to be as effective as this so don't rule out this wonderful tasteless (unless you live in San Angelo) treat.

But if you get bored and like a variety of tactics to please your taste buds then of course there are many other ways to keep yourself hydrated. You can dive into the cooler of sports drinks, but do be careful as they are loaded with sugars and salts that can be counter productive to your hydration needs.

Some other awesome ways to stay hydrated are to eat fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, and peaches.  These fruits have a high water content to assist in your hydration in the heat. You can also drink fruit and vegetable juices, but those can be loaded with lots of calories.

Just remember that we all enjoy a adult beverage or two but booze will definitely take you down the road of dehydration. So if you tip the bottle, take a double shot of water to help keep you on the correct path!