Everybody knows of that musician or band that is in just awesome.  Normally they are friends or local acts.  I can't say this guy is either since he's from Amarillo and I just met him.  I'm talking about Zac Wilkerson.

Numerous people ask me on a regular basis to check out various bands.  I check them all out but a vast majority of them don't have anything recorded which can complicate things.  A couple months ago my friend, Bryce Jones, told me I should check out a fellow named Zac Wilkerson.  To be honest it took me a week to get to it but when I did I was blown away!  Many of you saw the Wilkerson Band perform at the 24th Annual Larry Joe Taylor Texas Music Festival and told me I need to start playing these guys.

I was able to catch the Wilkerson Band's show at LJT and they sounded just as good if not better than the recordings I heard online.  I got to meet and chat with Zac for a few minutes backstage and he gave me a nine track acoustic album to check out.  If you're wondering if it's good. I'll tell you this, it's halfway through playing a second time.  You can hear all Zac's influences in the writing and styles including a rich mixture of country, rock, blues, gospel and soul.  I highly recomend you check out the Wilkerson Band.  The group is comprised of Zac Wilkerson, Chancely Stater and Craig Ames.  Zac rocks the mic and mans the guitar while Chancely keeps everybody on time with the drums and Craig is slappin' da bass.  Good things to come from these guys.  I dig it and I'm sure you will too!  If you don’t, you're using the wrong shovel.  Click here for their Facebook.

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