San Angelo has some of the best weather in the state of Texas, so why not get out there and enjoy it? We’ve put together a list for you to ensure the maximum amount of enjoyment in the beautiful San Angelo weather this summer.

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    There are dozens of great places to grab a fish or two around town. Lake Nasworthy is an old standard, but Twin Buttes is a favorite among many locals. Grab a boat, your buddies, and some brews and head to out enjoy the perfect San Angelo sun. If you don’t mind driving a little, Lake O.H. Ivie is located about 40 miles east of San Angelo. It’s worth a visit.

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    4-Wheel Riding

    Okay, technically this one is in Brady, but it’s really amazing. There’s 650 acres of mud-riding fun, including mud drags, wheelie pits, rock crawling and a motocross track. What’s not to love? You could spend an entire day roaming their 34 miles of track.

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    If you don’t have your own swimming pool, but you’re looking for a place to cool off, try the community pool operated by the city of San Angelo. The newly renovated pool has a slide, lockers, and even concessions. Admission is only $5 a day or $75 for the season.

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    With more than 30 parks to choose from, San Angelo has some prime picnicking areas. Bart DeWitt Park and Glenmore Park have ample seating and play room for kids. If you’re looking for a place to bring younger children, try Pete Chapa Park, which has a tot-lot play area.

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    It doesn’t matter if your definition of camping includes a tent or a trailer, San Angelo has the spot for you. Click the title above for a list of campsite close to you. You’ll be sleeping under the stars and enjoying s’mores in no time.

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    Fort Concho

    Likely one of the greatest things about San Angelo is its rich heritage. Part of the heritage undoubtably comes from the history at Fort Concho. If you’ve never been to this historical site, you owe it to yourself to give it a visit. Admission is fairly cheap and the exhibits are entertaining and educational. Make sure you bring your camera, there are several opportunities for family photos.

    Fort Concho