It’s almost summer and for many students that means a dreadful time has come around again- time to find a summer job. Well, fret not, students of San Angelo. We’ve compiled a list of summer job ideas for you. Click on the title of each job to go directly to an available position.

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    Some people don’t mind working outside during the summer. For the rest of us who would rather have an indoor job, try applying to be a receptionist or office assistant. It’ll keep you in the air conditioning, you rarely need extensive training, and often it’s only a part-time job.

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    Restaurant Staff

    Even though these positions are usually indoors, be prepared to break a sweat. Servers, bussers, and cooks work hard. The reward? If you’re a server, you can make $20 an hour on a good day.

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    It may not be the most glamorous job, but what summer job is? Housekeeping will keep you indoors for most of the day and if you’re quick you can turn a few houses in one day. It’s great money for a little physical labor.

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    Delivery Cheeseburgers

    Ok, so this one might be very specific, but let’s think in broader terms. Just deliver things- pizza, newspapers, flowers. Check with your local florists and hometown newspaper to see if they need extra help this summer.

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    Almost every store needs a cashier. Check with local places that do more business in the summer, like pool store or tanning salons. They might welcome a little extra help with the summer rush.

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