The San Angelo Police Department is working with 1st Community Federal Credit Union to warn you about a current smishing "text" scam.
Bank representatives have confirmed that scammers are currently texting local people claiming to be 1st Community Federal Credit Union.Currently, the text will prompt you to call 989-785-9282.  Representatives advise customers to not respond to the text and not to call the number.  As citizens become more aware of this scam, the "robo-texts" may be sent with a different contact number but beware, it is a scam.  
Since scammers can “Spoof” any name and telephone number they want, they can easily make a familiar or trusted business name appear on a caller ID or in a text.  If you ever receive a vishing call or text-hang up/do not reply to it and call the actual business immediately to report the incident.
When these scammers use text messaging, the technique is called Smishing.  Most smishing messages come from a “50000” number instead of a typical number.  This indicates the message was actually sent from an email address and not from an actual phone.  Never respond to these smishing texts.  If it seems to be a message from your bank, contact them using a reliable telephone number from the phone book or your statement.