Working Women's Wednesday is a midweek party that is dedicated to all working women. We get to enjoy super cheap delicious drinks, live music, and of course that awesome free food!

I have been working at Kickin' Country for more than a year now. I absolutely love my job and all the events we are apart of.  Working Women's Wednesday is by far my favorite event.  I started Kickin' on a Wednesday and haven't missed one Working Women's Wednesday in my entire employment, until last week.

Unfortunately, I was out of town last Wednesday. I felt so out of place, I love going to this event listening to live music and giving away money to hard working women.   Last week was different, I didn't have to get ready, I didn't have to plan what games we were going to play and I didn't even think about who was providing the free food. This was bitter sweet to me.   It was bitter in the sense that I actually missed a WWW, but sweet because I have been looking forward to this Wednesday for an entire week now. I'm super excited to see my regular ladies, and can't wait to see the awesome staff at Blaine's Pub where this event is located.


If you would like more information check out our Facebook page Working Women's Wednesday. You can keep up with drink specials, the food for the evening, and the live entertainment! Tonight's live music is from an awesome band called Sammy Fox and The Intervention.

Make sure you come out tonight and enjoy the best place to party on this hump day!