Blaine's Pub has done it again, they've brought a great lineup of live music this week.  It all starts on Wednesday night with Drew Kennedy and the original Working Women's Wednesday. 

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I hope you're ready for another great weekend of music at Blaine's Pub starting Wednesday night.  Not only will it be the origianl Working Women's Wednesday but Drew Kennedy will be taking center stage playing all your favorite tunes.  Drew always has some great stories to tell throughout the night as well.  I recomend you stop by the merch suitcase and pick up anything from CDs to the book he wrote titled 'Fresh Water In The Salton Sea'.  Don't miss out on the free food catered by Nacho's and the great drink specials, $1 margaritas and $2 longnecks.  Ladies will have the chance to win free CDs and cash prizes as well.

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Drew Kennedy - Rolling Around In The Bed

Stick around on Thursday as one of the Concho Valley's favorties takes the Blaine's stage, Mr. Taylor Hodak.  Taylor and AD will be playing an acoustic set and doing it big, you can bet I'll be there.  You know Taylor Hodak from tunes like My Chuck T's, Undercover Lover and Someday.  There's no cover and $1 can beer, now that's a drink special.

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Taylor Hodak - My Chuck T's

Friday night will be a big night as Matt Stell and The Crashers will be rockin' Blaine's Pub all night long.  You know Matt Stell from his radio singles Robert Tatum and Memphis On The River both of which are great tunes.  Their superb writing and musicianship will make Blaine's Pub the place to be Friday night.  Don't miss out on this show.

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Matt Stell - Memphis On The River

Saturday night will be one we all need to prep for, Six Market Blvd.  These guys do it big when they come to town and this show will be no different.  Their latests album 'Shake It Down' has been a great success, it includes the high charting tune Say It and latest single 14 Miles From Home.  Be sure to stick around after the show when the real party starts.  This will put a nice cap on your Saturday and live music for the week the right way.  See you there.

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Six Market Blvd - 14 Miles From Home