Blaine's Pub always has a great live show schedule and this week is no different.  Last night Bobby Duncan kicked it off, check out what's in store tonight and tomorrow.

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Friday means time for live music and this weekend at Blaine's Pub there is quite a treat in the line up.  Last night Bobby Duncan rocked the Blaine's stage.  If you missed that, sorry about your luck.  Coming up tonight we've got the beautiful and talented Kimberly Dunn live in concert.  You've probably heard Kim's upbeat fun tune we've been playing called 'Common As The Rain' which is just one of many great tunes.  If you missed her last show at Blaine's Pub it was an absolute blast.  The energy radiates from the stage while Kim and the guys rock out.  Don't miss it!

Kimberly Dunn - Common As The Rain

Facebook- Rob Baird

Coming up Saturday is another Concho Valley favorite, Rob Baird.  Yes indeed Rob is back and ready to rock the Blaine's stage again.  Rob brings you hit after hit and with a show that will leave you begging for more, or your face melted from the awesomeness.  Either way it's a win.  Be sure to bring some jingle in your pocket as you'll definitely be wanting to take advantage of that merch table.  Come out and rock out with us at Blaine's Pub, you'll be happy you did.

Rob Baird - More Than Willing


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