This week there is yet again a great line up at Blaine's Pub.  Some names you haven't seen in a while will be rockin' out and partying like it's 1999.

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The shows last week at Blaine's Pub were so awesome and wild that I actually lost my voice attending said shows.  This week I need to prep more so I don't lose it again.  Don't miss Thursday night as Sheila Marshall will be taking the Blaine's stage.  It's been many moons since Sheila has been through town and if you haven't heard her you are missing out.  She's got great tunes full of attitude and fun.  If the song content isn't enough you'll be blown away by the vocals on this young lady.  She's the only artist that has pegged out the audio in studio with me, she's got some pipes.  Not only is the voice strong, it's beautiful.  Tune in Thursday about 3:00PM to hear Sheila live.  Don't miss Sheila Marshall Thursday night, you won't be disappointed!

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Sheila Marshall - Can't Let Go

Sheila Marshall - I Ain't Yo Baby

One of the artists who has been a regular at Blaine's lately is coming through Friday night, Clayton Gardner.  Clayton has quickly become a friend and we heckle each other any chance we get.  You've heard his tune I Won't Settle Down and now he's back with another awesome song, Happy Ending.  Clayton has a smooth rich voice with great songwriting and I'm anxious to see him full band.  Clayton's only downside is going for a team I don't like but hey, not everybody is perfect.  Clayton's shows are energetic, in your face and a lot of fun so be sure to come check it out.  Also tune in on Friday about 5:00PM as he'll be in studio with me.  It'll mostly be goofing off and cutting up but I'm making him play one or two live.  Good times to come on Friday.

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Clayton Gardner - Happy Ending

Clayton Gardner - I Won't Settle Down

Coming up Saturday is an artist I haven't seen live probably since Lincoln was in office and I'm excited, Zack Walther Band.  Formally Zack Walther and the Cronkites the guys have some awesome music.  With two studio albums, two live albums and a snazzy video for my favorite tune Down Easy you're bound to be rockin' out all the way until Blaine's kicks you out at 2:00.  Don't miss the great songwriting and musicianship Saturday night on the Blaine's stage.  Be sure to swing by the merch booth and pick up some goodies while you're there.

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Zack Walther Band - Tonight

Zack Walther - Down Easy