So Ben Ryan made my day today take a peek inside and see how!

So I was reading some notes on new music that is due out soon from all of our favorite artist, a smile hit my face when I read that our friend Wade Bowen has a new CD coming out on May 29th. I was a bit disappointed that I had not heard the album yet but figured what the heck its only a week out, that's when Ben Ryan put a CD down on my desk nonchalantly and to my surprise it was a copy of "The Given" by Wade Bowen.

So I am for waring everyone right now to expect a full review of the album to come before the end of the week and we will talk more about it on the morning show come Thursday. From what I have heard you wont be disappointed but its a new style and sound to be excited about! More to come so stay tuned for more.....oh....and pre order your copy today.