This Friday night Midnight Rodeo has a double whammy for you.  Brian Keane and Max Stalling will be taking the Midnight Rodeo stage for one heck of a show.

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This Friday night the show at Midnight Rodeo will be one for the history books.  Two great singer/songwriters will be taking the stage, don't miss it.  First off, Max Stalling has been doing this for a long time and has a plethora of awesome music that I grew up listening to such as I-35, Long Way To Get and my personal favorite 6X9 Speakers.  Max is one heck of a nice guy and always has some funny stories to tell.  If you aren't familiar with his music check it out below or swing by and be amazed.  Let's sweeten the deal even more with Brian Keane joining Max this Friday night.  You should know Brian from his amazing songwriter including such songs as 90 Miles An Hour, Easy To Say Goodbye, Living Is Killing Me and I'll Sing About Mine.  Yes, Brian shares to co-write on I'll Sing About Mine with Adam Hood and actually took the song up to #2 on the charts.  Along with that one you may recognize another co-write he shares with William Clark Green on She Like's The Beatles.  I could list all of the songs he shares co-writes on or has had covered by other artists but we don't have that much time.  Join us Friday night at Midnight Rodeo to hear all of them and more.  Listen all week for your chance to win tickets to see Max Stalling and Brian Keane at Midnight Rodeo, I'll see you there!

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Max Stalling - 6X9 Speakers

Max Stalling - I-35

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Brian Keane - Easy To Say Goodbye

Brian Keane - I'll Sing About Mine