Corn lovers rejoice lets get some facts out about corn that you might not have ever known.Barry Eastbrooks set the record strait in the July/August issue of Eating Well Magazine and much to my surprise corn is better than what my mom told me growing up.

We have all heard the rumor about how corn is fattening right its gonna make you gain weight and so on. Well let the truth be known corn has close to the same number of calories as an apple and about a fourth of the sugar content of the same apple. Its the toppings we put on the ear of corn that really count against us like butter and salt.

So now you may be asking well if I cook corn does it make it less nutritious for me? Well Eastbrook answered that question as well by explaining that after cooking corn the antioxidants activity increases so that means more power to fight against cancer and heart disease.

Some other health benefits to eating a fresh ear of corn is that it is loaded with lutein and other phytochemicals that help keep your eyes healthy.

So as far as I'm concerned let the corn flow and leave the green beans and peas behind and lets eat some corn!!

You can see the complete article that Eastbrooks wrote here.