There is a good chance that Casey Donahew set a new attendance record at Midnight Rodeo over the weekend on Saturday night!! I mean, the club was packed!! Way to go San Angelo!! It's your support of these great shows that keeps Midnight Rodeo booking the top names in the business. Casey Donahew has just come off a tour that took him around many parts of the country, and Saturday night was the bands last performance before getting to go home for a little break. They were wound up and turned it loose in a huge way. What a great show!!! Casey has accomplished so much throughout his career, having released 4 independent  albums which have produced numerous top singles on the radio, and a fan base that is extremely devoted to the sound that he brings to Texas Country Music. The crowd was packed in as close as they could get to the stage, and singing every word along with Casey. If you missed this one, DON'T miss the next Casey Donahew show when he comes back to San Angelo!!!