Calling all Casey Donahew fans, Casey has told us to be looking in the near future for new music to be out.

In a blurb posted to facebook today Casey eludes to the fact that he will be releasing a new album in April for all of his fans to enjoy. He also tells us that he is hard at it in the  studio today working on that album.

Facebook-Casey Donahew Band

As you can already see by the number of likes this post had just shortly after 2 hours of being posted fans are anticipating this record. Casey is still working radio singles from his current album Double Wide Dream which was a smash hit record and includes many fan favorites including White Trash Story II a sequel to the White Trash Story. The current single out to radio is "Give You A Ring", which was new to radio this past week and I anticipate a high starting chart position for it.

You can catch Casey Donahew live at Midnight Rodeo San Angelo on February 8th. If you have never seen Casey perform you are missing one of the most energy packed shows that you have ever seen with lots of great guitar riffs and solos from all band members that will blow you away.