If you ever wondered if major Texas & Red Dirt artists, like Casey Donahew, are just like you, look no further than how he handles the holidays.

Chuck Baker inquired after Casey’s Thanksgiving, and he gave an all too familiar answer, with a little twist, of course. He enjoyed his time off with a little too much wine, and… a ping pong injury? We’ve all done the ‘little too much wine’ part, but I can honestly say that the ping pong injury is new.

Casey also went in to say that ‘Not Ready To Say Goodnight’, off of their newest album Standoff, is just a good, ol’ fashioned country song.

They recently played at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, where they have played for the second time, and they love being surrounded by their kind of people.

Chuck and Casey also talked about Steamboat 2015, where they will be playing for the 6th time this year. Casey told us that his favorite part about going is getting to catch up with all the other musicians who perform there.

Though, even as much as he loves being on the road, Casey is looking forward to spending some quality time at home before the band hits the studio to record a new record for 2015. Best thing is, you’ll get to hear a few new songs they are throwing around tonight!

His is right about one thing for sure, it’s the holidays, and that is all the excuse you need to grab your dancing partner, and spend some quality time with the Casey Donahew Band and the dance floor.

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