Nothing is creepier than hearing that someone has a prized teeth collection. However, when a dentist admits to the same hobby, it’s actually twice as creepy.

One such dentist admitted to that very thing to, of all people, the gossip powerhouse that is TMZ.

Dr. Bill Dorfman has a rather interesting practice as far as dentistry goes. His clientele includes some very famous patients such as Lindsay Lohan, Usher, Ozzy Osbourne and Anne Hathaway, among others. Even weirder, he told TMZ that he has an extensive collection of teeth that he has extracted from some of the world’s most famous mouths.

Of course, he can’t admit whose teeth he’s keeping for his private collection. We’re not even sure of the legal logistics of this medical practice or if he could actually sell his patient’s teeth. So we’re not going to speculate on the matter one way or the other. However, just the idea raises some creepier thoughts about doctors to the stars and what they could throw up (no pun intended) on eBay.