As most of you know Charlie Stout tends to stop by every Thursday bringing in new and fresh songwriters for all to hear.  If you're not familiar with Mr. Stout take a gander and listen below.

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Charlie Stout has quickly become a great friend of mine and to Kickin' Country.  He stops by every Thursday to do a little segment on air with me around 4 o'clock and it's always a great time.  He seems to have won San Angelo over with The Mouse Song but has way more in his arsenal for you.  He has in the past brought new and amazing artist in and continues to do so.   Little is known about the West Virginia native but what we do know is he's a great singer/songwriter, he says what he thinks and he has a plethora of musical knowledge.  Charlie is a true troubadour constantly traveling from show to show and hosting a number of songwriter showcases across the great state of Texas.  I can honestly say I've never met an artist like him.  Along with the music Charlie also does photography for many Texas/Red Dirt artists.  You can pick up a copy of Charlie's album The First Hundred Don't Count at his website.  Tune in every Thursday around 4 o'clock for some musical bliss.  Maybe we should get a songwriter showcase going in San Angelo with Charlie hosting.  What do you think?

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Charlie Stout - Four By Four

Charlie Stout - Going Back To Las Vegas