Todd and the great folks at the Texas Department of Transportation challenged Chuck and Chris to drive a golf cart through a series of 59 cones while wearing "drunk goggles"!

Here's what they saw through the goggles. These goggles simulate what you would see if you drank over a half a bottle of whiskey, which is over 3 times the legal limit allowed by Texas Law.

Chuck and Todd with TxDot simulate drinking a massive quantity of alcohol before Chuck puts the goggles on.The good news is there's no hangover with this!

It takes Chuck awhile to get through the course.

These goggles make it darn near impossible to to walk a straight line.

Sgt. Ron Sanders with the Tom Green County Sheriff's Department "arrests" Chuck because he didn't pass the field sobriety test, and set a new record for the amount of cones that were run over!

We have a new nickname for Chris: "Cone Cruncher"!

Chris demonstrates his "field sobriety test" skills.

We found out that it only takes as little as 3 "hops" to fail the field sobriety test.

Thanks to Officer Brian Bylsma of the San Angelo Police Department and Sgt. Ron Sanders for their help!

Thanks to Todd, Karen, and the guys from TxDot, Hawkins Batteries & Golf Carts for the golf cart,  Kaitlan & KLST, San Angelo Live, and the ASU Police Department!
Please remember to get a Sober Ride Home this Holiday season. Don't Drink & Drive,
you can't afford it.