City Council meets to discuss the possible exemptions for the Drought Level III today.

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The City Council meeting today will have a long discussion today with the topic of Drought Level III taking center stage. Since San Angelo has less than 12 months of water supply on hand the city can at any point in time implement Drought Level III in the last City Council meeting they chose to table the idea to consider exemptions for businesses such as car washes and other approved circumstances.

Among those circumstances to be considered will be the International Lilly Pond, and the Love Municipal Pool. The ideas are that the Lilly's shade the water surface and don't allow as much evaporation as the lakes would and that the beds for the lilly's are already saturated and will hold the water.The reason for keeping Love Municipal Pool filled is so that the newly renovated pool doesn't see deterioration of the tile work and liner of the pool during the down season. Also in the requests for these two was the request to keep "high priority trees" watered.

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All of these exceptions have asked to use City owned wells to maintain them through the Drought Level III watering restrictions in which no outside watering would be allowed unless approved by City Council.

What are your thoughts on this?