After the sudden out break of West Nile Virus running through our state the City of San Angelo has started to defend our territory.

According to the press release from the City of San Angelo the two spray trucks that the city has are now being used to spray the streets and alleyways of San Angelo. They have begun to spray in City Council Districts 1 and 6 which encompasses the south and southwest sides of the city, they will be breaking each district down into sections and spraying those sections as planned out. The same pattern will be used to cover the other districts, next in line for spraying will be  Districts 2 and 5 followed by 3 and 4.

Operations Director Ricky Dickson says "that the spraying is more extensive than the City's normal practice of treating hotspots known as breading grounds. Spraying is contingent upon the weather. No spraying occurs if wind speeds are 20mph or if it rains."


Dickson also said that "the City will spend an additional $17000 plus on a thirty day supply of the spray."

If you would like more information on the West Nile Virus or actions being taken you can visit or call the San Angelo/Tom Green County Health Department at 325-657-4214.