The new album from Cody Canada and the Departed, HippieLovePunk, is out today. The above video takes you through Cody, Steve, Chris, and Jeremy's journey in deciding to make this new album, and they perform 'Inbetweener'.

All songs on the album were written or co-written by Canada including the song 'Boss Of Me' which includes a co-write credit from Cody's 6 year-old son Willy.

Get your copy of HippieLovePunk now.

  1. Comin to Me
  2. Inbetweener
  3. Easy
  4. Revolution
  5. Back Closer
  6. Got It
  7. Great Big Nothin
  8. Maker
  9. Stay
  10. Boss of Me
  11. All Nighter