It's been about two months since Cody Jinks played the Blaine's Pub stage and he has returned to jam out yet another Friday night.  If you haven't seen these guys and you're a fan of country music or of music in general I highly recommend this show.

Facebook- Cody Jinks & his Tonedeaf Hippies

Cody Jinks and his Tonedeaf Hippies will be rockin' the Blaine's Pub stage tonight around 10:15 and you won't want to miss this show.  I've been following Cody's music for about 5 years now and have yet to be disappointed with his music.  Every song I've heard from Cody and the guys I'd consider solid country gold.  Cody has a deep, strong and very country voice mixed with some rockin' tunes making a quite unique sound different from anything else out there.  You'll recognize their music from such songs as Been Around and We Get By but there is plenty more where those came from, he has been doing music for 15 years.  Of course you know Blaine's is always a party with all the dancing on the tables not to mention the coldest beer and worst parking in town.  It's bound to be a great time.  I'll see you at Blaine's Pub tonight for Cody Jinks and his Tonedeaf Hippies live in concert.

Facebook- Cody Jinks and his Tonedeaf Hippies

Cody Jinks - We Get By

Cody Jinks - Been Around