I had the chance to talk to Cody Johnson first this this morning on the Kickin's Wake Up Call. Cody will be playing at Midnight Rodeo tonight, April 16th, and we've been giving away spots on out guest list.

Cowboy Like Me ended up exploding onto the charts. He worked so hard, and he loves seeing a little piece of his life be received so warmly. Cody mentions that the hardest thing about song is getting the 'real' feeling. That phrase is thrown around so much during their songwriting sessions, and they keep at it until it really it is a piece of themselves.

After being on the road so much, Cody knows he works to hard, but it is worth it because he is doing something that he loves. Even though he has several labels courting him, he always wants to do this job the right way. Not necessarily his way, but just the right way. He doesn't want to lose the 'sound' that is so uniquely his. He never wants to sign with anyone, and then lose what makes the band so great.

Listen to the full interview above, and we'll see you out at Midnight Rodeo tonight.