The primary goal of red light cameras is to greatly lessen the number of motorists who run red lights, especially at high traffic intersections. The theory is this lead to fewer accidents, and therefore fewer injuries and deaths. So how are the results so far? If you ask me, knowing the way a lot of drivers drive here in San Angelo, I think law enforcement would clean up in revenue with these lights here, but would it be safer? It doesn't look like we'll ever know.

According to a report, a Texas senator has authored a bill that would make red light cameras a thing of the past.  In fact, this bill has already passed the senate and is making its way to the Texas House of Representatives.  Republican Senator Bob Hall said studies have shown that these camera systems as a whole do not improve overall traffic safety.

Hall also mentions that these red light cameras are a violation of a citizen’s due process since the person accused of running a red light is not allowed to face their accuser.  A photo of the vehicle running the red light is taken and then a ticket with a fine of $75 is sent to the vehicle’s owner and Hall says that is not the way things should be handled.


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