Stalkers are sadly a dime a dozen. Here is a grown man who is stalking teenage star Miley Cyrus. What a creep.

I found this ARTICLE about a grown man who is obsessed with Myley Cyrus. He has over 15 tattoos of the famous underage pop star. He has tattoos all over his hands, arms, and chest all dedicated to Miley. I'm not sure why anybody would dedicated their life to Miley Cyrus, I mean her dad Billy Rae still rocks a mullet. Check out some of this guys tattoos.

This one is my favorite. I'm just wondering if he actually got her autograph one day and took it to his local tattoo parlor, or if he just got it off her album or something. Either way still creepy.


Now in this picture you can obviously see the Miley Cyrus chest piece. But my favorite part is the Miley Cyrus hat he is rockin. Also, I'm wondering if in the back that's posters of Miley?

Don't you think Billy Rae is so proud Miley has such dedicated fans?