About six weeks ago, in early July Curtis Grimes stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! for the unofficial debut of his new single “Smile.” Unofficial because — well we weren’t exactly allowed to do it. I even had to promise not to spin it again until it was “officially” released. A promise that proved more troublesome to keep than I first imagined — I got crazy requests for it off just that one spin.

Well the wait is over, it’s now out to radio and last week Curt called in for the re-debut of “Smile.”

The song was co-written by Curtis and Josh Abbott at a songwriters retreat in West Texas. Grimes explained why they chose it as the single, “It turned out good… We’ve had a good response, so far, from everyone who’s heard it.” He added, “Hopefully we can one-up our last single, “Irresponsible” and get our first No. 1.”

He’s being modest. The song turned out great. I’ve gone on record, I do believe this will be his first No. 1 single. So much so, that Curt and I made a bet. If the song reaches No.1, I will be joining him on stage to sing it when he plays Electric Cowboy the day after Thanksgiving this year.

If it doesn’t, Curt and his band will be learning and performing a song of my choosing at the same concert. Right now I’m leaning towards ’90s bad, something from Ricky Martin, LFO or Hanson — or perhaps a chick song, maybe Taylor Swift or Pink. I still have plenty of time left to decide.

But honestly, more than likely I’ll be on stage singing the chorus of “Smile” alongside Curt and his band. “Smile” will be their first No. 1. Curt’s first live album “Live at The Parish” drops September 18. To pre-order it click here.

Check out our entire interview and hear “Smile,” below.