Have you ever somewhere right before the store closes and they refuse to sell you something?

OK, so this past Saturday I was out finishing up some Mother’s Day shopping at a local boutique that is pretty well known here in the area, I had arrived at the store about 15 minuets before they were set to close and I was ignored by staff members who were hastily getting their things together to leave for about 14 minuets. I approached a young lady who worked at the boutique and asked if I could have some help in getting a product out of the case to purchase for my mother, she looked at me and said "I cant sell you anything we are closed."

I was dumbfounded that I was trying to make a purchase that was $500.00 and they wouldn't sell me anything because they were closed! I understand that its the weekend and if I had not known what I wanted to purchase that they would be a bit upset, but I had the item picked out and was holding a cash payment in hand and still got refused service.

Needless to say I left the store and made my way to another store that was not so local and finished my Mother’s Day shopping. I will also add that the gift was a huge success.

Have you ever had a horrible customer service experience on a holiday or close to a holiday that has made you skip that store in your shopping? Comment below. If it’s a really good story, I’ll read it on air and give you a shout out.