As a parent, you may ask yourself ,“Where am I going to put my kid in daycare?” Well, I’ve found one of the most unique and awesome places that a child can spend their day at when away from mom and dad.

About 2 months ago I began a search for a daycare for my little one, a change that we expected, but definitely dreaded. In the past we had a family member that was gracious enough to keep him during the days and evenings around our busy schedules and it was like he never left home. But, just two months ago the loving great-grandmother suffered a minor heart attack and had to under go quadruple bypass surgery and was in no condition to keep our little bundle of joy. So I began the long search for a nice day care that was just as comforting for him as it was for his mom and I.


We quickly heard all the horror stories about each and every daycare that was out there and some of them were enough to really reconsider where you leave your child, but we soon found a special place that had no horror stories and was a second home away from home.

Mosaic Redwine Child Care Center was a place that when you walk into you feel right at home.  Friendly staff and the clean atmosphere helped us feel comfortable. As with all the other daycares, we took a tour and met the staff. While on the tour I spoke with several of the staff members who told me their stories about being involved at Mosaic and that they had been there for quite some time. I watched the staff interact with the kids and it showed that the folks at Mosaic were truly there for the kids and not just to make a paycheck.

Yesterday when I went by to pick up my little boy I arrived to see him being pushed around in their children's buggy with all of his classmates and found him with the biggest smile and the happiest attitude. He really didn't want to leave as we gathered his things. He was busy looking and smiling and talking to all his classmates like it was a second home away from home. I knew then that Mosaic Redwine Child Care Center was the place that would be caring for my child from now on when he couldn't be with mom or dad!