If you are looking for a fun spring break week then you need to look no further than this right here. Dickson Productions presents Rio Frio Fest 2013 March 11th-17th.

If you are wanting a vacation just a few hours down the road from San Angelo then here is a festival of fun for you to enjoy with some of the greatest acts in Texas Music. What is  Rio Frio Fest? Well you see if you took Randy Rogers Band Sake of the Song Festival and added the 1st Annual Fowler Frio Fest you will come up with Rio Frio Fest.


This week long celebration embodies the different side of music that Texas has become to love and be known for with performances from Bri Bagwell, Cody Johnson, Whiskey Myers, Kyle Park, and more you are garunteed to have a great time.

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So you can attend Fowlers Frio Fest March 11th-14th and Randy Rogers Sake of the Song Festival March14th-17th or stay the whole week and enjoy Rio Frio Fest to its fullest. While your there be sure to take part in the South Texas experience like Hog Sackin, Chicken Bingo, Washer Tournaments, Calf Fries, Crawfish Boils and plenty more if you no what I mean.

For more information go to Rio Frio Fest