For many a fortnight I've been wanting to try my hand at disc gold but didn't really know anybody that lives here and plays.  My new roommate, James, actually plays and I've picked up some plastic so let's see what happens.

Ben Ryan

Since about 2009 I've wanted to get into the sport of Disc Golf and it seems my time has finally come.  Today I ran down to Beluh 42 and got hooked up with some beginner discs in hopes to be somewhat decent on the courses.  The folks at Beluh 42 were extremely nice and very helpful and have an entire room dedicated to the sport.  Randy helped me pick out a putter, long range and a mid range disc and explained general techniques and terminology.  I highly recommend making checking out Beluh 42 for any of you disc golf needs.  That being said their website also has maps of four of the courses here in town.  If anybody else out there plays hit me up on Facebook and let's get a game going soon.  I'm thinking about checking out the course on ASU campus this Sunday.  Wish me luck and hopefully I don't lose the discs on my first outing.