Drew Kennedy has a brand new album out and you will get a chance to hear it and see it performed tonight with Drew Kennedy Live at Blaine's Pub. 

Drew has a lot of talent both as a writer and performer. He has been on the Texas music scene for a long time and is ready to introduce his brand new album to you. Here is what Drew had to say about it.......

It’s here!

Introducing my seventh record, Sad Songs Happily Played.

Playing live is one of my favorite things to do in the world. It’s impossible to predict how a show will go from night to night– so much of what I do depends on the energy that a crowd brings into a room. Sometimes it’s a night to remember, occasionaly it’s a night to forget, but it’s always, always, an adventure.

This is a live record– one I didn’t even know was being made until the show was over. At first, I wasn’t planning on releasing it. I figured I’d just add it to my own personal archive of shows I’ve played over the years. The more I listened, though, the more I knew we had captured a truly special night of songs and stories.

I remember scouring tape-trading message boards on the still-young internet for live bootleg recordings of some of my favorite bands, and then offereing up some of my prized recordings as trade bait when I found what I was looking for. I loved that a lot of my favorite bands actually encouraged this practice. This record is a lot like that, in many ways– it’s an honest representation of who I am as a songwriter and a performer on any given night. And so, here we are.

I hope you’ll give this record a chance. You can do so for free, in fact, by streaming a few of the songs and stories at http://www.livedk.com/

If you like what you hear I hope you’ll consider grabbing the set in it’s entirety, either in its physical form through my online store, or in digital form through your favorite vendor.

I encourage you to go to the show tonight and enjoy Drew Kennedy's CD Release Party!