I’ve lived in San Angelo for years and have never seen a dust storm, until now.  It completely caught me off guard.

Most people probably know I was born in Arkansas, lived in Fort Worth for 12 years, and now I'm in West Texas in good ole San Angelo.  I've never encountered a dust storm until this afternoon.  We were about to cook out and I was standing outside, when all of a sudden I noticed the sky looked weird.  It was tannish brown and it took me back to going to school in Arkansas.  There was a chemical company near the school I went to called Albemarle that make liquid and gas chemicals.  We had to practice drills on what to do is there was a spill of some sort at school.  I asked my roommate what it was and he said dust storm.  It wasn't that big of a dust storm.  Haden Burchard showed me a video of a dust storm in Lubbock that was pretty bad.  I can now say I have finally been in one though.  I just didn't know there were dust storms here.  You learn something new every day.


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