Alter egos can be pretty scary or, in this case, funny.  One of our very own Texas Red Dirt artists is releasing a new single under an alter ego.  Music video and all, let's take a look shall we?

Mr. Granger Smith has had an alter ego known as Earl Dibbles Jr. for about a year.  There had been talk for a while about Earl Dibbles Jr. putting out a single but I didn't know how awesome it'd be.  If you don't know of Earl Dibbles Jr. here is his bio:

'I wake up. Put a good dip in. Crack a cold one. Get dressed and start the day.'

I'll add he's a country boy.  I'm wondering if Earl and Granger will go on tour together.  For new fans that could be a bit confusing.  Earl sure likes to party judging from the video.  I wonder if he was nervous filming the in the back of the truck.  What do you think about 'The Country Boy Song'?